6 Most Important and Scoring Topics to score good marks in Numerical Ability Section of IBPS CLERK PRELIMS 2017

As we know that IBPS Clerk Prelims is going to start from 2nd December and most of the students are worried about Quantitative Aptitude section which will be of 35 marks out of the total 100 marks.This section is a game changer and if you have practiced very well then it will surely help you to sail through the very competitive Prelims examination.The last year cutoff  for Quantitative Aptitude section was 10.75 and the overall difficult of the paper of last year was from easy to moderate.Let us have a look at the topics along with marks of Quantitative Aptitude which were asked last year.


TopicsNumber of QuestionsMarks
Number Series55
DI (Based on Table)55
Arithmetic (Miscellaneous-Percentage,

The overall level of the paper was easy and one could have easily scored more than 25 marks in this section.From now,there are only 35 days left for IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam and every aspirants want to know that how to score good marks in Maths Section.

Let’s have a look on the 6 most important topics from  Quantitative Aptitude section which will surely help you to clear the cut off with great score.
1) The first and most important thing is fast calculation  which includes addition,subtraction,multiplication,division in the fastest way.Speed maths will surely help all the aspirants to save a lot of time while writing any competitive exams.
Here is the link of all the videos which I have covered on Speed Mathematics – https://goo.gl/CJG5Gg

2)Understanding the concepts of Reciprocals-Any serious aspirant who wants to crack government exams must know the concepts of reciprocals and percentages.For example – ½ is 50 %,⅓ is 33.33 %,⅙ is 16.66 % and many more.
Tips-Please learn the table of Reciprocal-Percentages from 1 to 1/30.Here is the link of the complete table- https://goo.gl/5WkemQ

3)Simplification– This is the most important topic for IBPS CLERK Prelims examination.So,practice as much as you can.Almost 44 % of the the Quant section is made of this chapter alone.If you want to score high marks in Quant section,then target the questions of simplification early.They are very easy and scoring and they can be solved by basic concepts of Mathematics.Try to solve the problems mentally because it is easy to save time in this topic.You must practice a lot of questions based on BODMAS rule,squares and cubes,Surds and indices,reciprocals and percentages.

4)Number Series-If you have a great command on Number Series,then you can easily get 5 marks in just 2 minutes.This topic is one of the most scoring topics of Quant section and most of the questions are based on the repetitive pattern of previous year questions.So,make sure to solve at least 400 questions on Number Series.This is surely going to help you in getting full marks in coming IBPS Clerk examination.

5)Data Interpretation-Last year,only one DI set came in IBPS CLERK Prelims exam and that was based on Table.All 5 questions from this DI set were less calculative and easy to solve.The questions were  mainly  based on Ratios,Percentages,Difference.So,in order to get full marks in DI,please practice one or two DI sets daily and also work on your Speed Calculation which is going to save a lot of important time.

6)Arithmetic Section-This section includes Percentages,Profit-Loss,Time Speed Distance,Time and, PNC and Probability,etc.Last year,10 questions were asked from Arithmetic Section and they were very easy and scoring.You can easily get 7-8 marks from this section,if you have a good command over it.Since this sections has got lot of basic concepts and fundamentals,so my advice is to attempt this section in the end.Attempt only those questions which you have practiced earlier at home.Don’t attempt those questions which are time taking and difficult to solve.

Practice makes a man perfect and Quantitative Aptitude  is all about practice.Go through all these topics and practice as much as you can.

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