9 Most Important Last Preparation Tips for IBPS RRB Clerk Mains Exam

As we know that IBPS RRB Clerk Mains is approaching and with just 10 days to go,we want you to help you with Last Minutes Preparation Tips for Mains examination.These tips will surely going to help you wind up the important parts of your preparation for IBPS RRB Clerk Mains examination.
Here we are mentioning down the 9 Last Minutes Preparation Tips for coming IBPS RRB Clerk examination.

1.Revision-This is one of the most important things that you must do before appearing in any exam.You should go through the important formulas,notes and crucial questions with tricks once and revise them smartly.It is also important to practice good questions from sectional tests after revising each topic.Please don’t learn anything new in the last days.Revise the important formulas again and  again,revise all the reciprocals and squares,revise everything that you have learnt up till now.

2.Mock Test Analysis-After writing mock,one should must analyse it to know about the silly mistakes,strong areas and weak areas.After the analysis,don’t repeat the same mistakes which you have earlier committed in the previous mocks.

3.Focus on Accuracy-What is Accuracy ? It is basically defined as the number of questions that you have answered correctly.Suppose out of 10 questions,you have attempted 8 questions and out of those, 6 are right and 2 are wrong.So your accuracy is = 6/8 x 100= 75%. Our advice is to focus more on accuracy than on attempts.

4.Devise an exam strategy-Always start your exam with the questions that you have practiced earlier.This will surely boost up your confidence.Also start with those topics which are easy and usually have a set of 5 questions.Simplification,Approximation,Reading Comprehension,Inequalities,Close Test,Fill in the blanks,Quadratic Equations are example of such topics which have more weightage than other ones in the exam.

5.Avoid difficult ones-In any exam,there are 10-30 % difficult questions which can waste your time.The smartest technique for such questions is just to skip them and move ahead.Don’t get into the trap of solving every questions.

6.D Day-Make sure to reach exam center on time in order to avoid the last minute fretting.Don’t forget to put your admit card,photo id proof,pen,pencil etc .

8.Late Night Study-Don’t study late night and also don’t study anything any new  before the examination.Take a proper sound sleep before the D Day.Don’t revise anything after reaching your exam center.Just keep your mind relaxed and stay motivated.

9.Important Instructions– Read all the instructions carefully before writing the exam.Similarly,read the questions carefully before answering any questions.

We hope that these important Last Minutes Tips for IBPS RRB Clerk Mains exam will surely help you.
All the best for Mains.
Team Study Virus.