Chemical Bonding methane molecule
A. Double bond
B. Trivalent bonds
C. A single covalent bond
D. None of these
Option”C” is correct
2.The nature of ethynyl molecule is
A. unilinear
B. tetrahedron
C. plane triangular
D. octahedral
Option”C” is correct
3.Which of the following compound has tetrahedral shape?
A. ammonia
B. carbon tetrachloride
C. water
D. acetylene
Option”B” is correct
4.The melting point and boiling point of covalent compounds are low because
A. it is less active
B. they do not ionize in water
C. They are usually insoluble in water
D. Intermolecular force is weak in them
Option”A” is correct sodium chloride
A. combination bond with
B. sub-coordinate bond
C. electronegative bond
D. none of these
Option”C” is correct
6.what happens when a chemical bond is formed
A. energy is always absorbed
B. energy is always released
C. The more energy is absorbed, the more it is released
D. energy is neither absorbed nor released
Option”B” is correct
7.The shape of carbon tetra chloride is
A. pyramidal
B. square plane
C. tetrahedral
D. distorted tetrahedron
Option”C” is correct
8.Which of the following compounds does not have hydrogen bonding
A. methane
B. Water
C. ammonia
D. methanoic acid
Option”A” is correct
9.In which of the following compounds hydrogen bonding is present
A. hydrogen fluoride
B. hydrochloric acid
C. hydrogen fluoride
D. hydrogen iodide
Option”A” is correct
10.The compound having linear structure is
A. carbon dioxide
B. nitrogen dioxide
C. sulfur dioxide
D. silicon dioxide
Option”A” is correct