Daily Routine – How to maintain?

We always struggle for being on time, be it completion of topics or completing a task. A well maintained schedule or routine can avoid any such struggles. Now, the question here arises is, why do we generally fail to stick to the time table. How can we build up a routine and follow strictly? Well, here we will try to list out some points which can help you in maintaining a well build routine.

  1. Allocate right time to your activities

When we prepare our daily routine time-table, we try allocating as much time as possible to studies. This is where we generally go wrong. Start with a normal amount of time, 6 hrs or 7hrs and then increase gradually. This is needed to make ourselves accustomed to the activity of learning or studying and once we are adjusted, we can always push our limits. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  1. Take proper sleep

While preparing our routine, we allocate the least time to this area. Sleeping is an activity which helps us getting relaxed and makes us calm. As much as necessary our studies are, so much necessary our sleeping is. But how much time can be allocated for sleeping? Well, for a better health and to focus on our studies, a proper sleep is required and the recommended time for a good sleep is 8 hrs. So, this time when you prepare your routine, do assign proper time to this area. Also, stick to a particular time to sleep, like 10 PM and a proper time to get up as 5 AM.

  1.  Timing for studies

Now coming to the most important topic. What shall be the timing for our main activity, i.e., studies? Well, there is no wrong time for it, but studies are best done in a silent and positive environment. The best recommended time for studies is 4 A.M. Now you would have understood, how essential getting up in the morning is!

It’s not so that get up in the morning and study continuously for 8 hrs. We suggest you to never do that. Take proper brakes of 5 to 10 mins after every hour of studies and keep drinking water at regular intervals. This helps you in having proper relaxation and avoids your mind from getting tired.

  1. Stick to the timings

Hope by now you would have prepared such a nice time-table, allocated proper time to sleep, studies and other activities. So, now comes the hardest part of all, following the time table. Most of the times we fail to follow the time-table, even though we have prepared it by taking so many points in our mind and analyzing them very carefully. Well, this happens because we are fixed to our comfort-zone and we don’t like coming out of it. So, when we prepare a time-table, from the first day itself, we should never try breaking the rules and for that, we always need something to motivate us. Find your motivation, find the energy needed and you will forget your comfort-zone. This will always help you utilizing your time and sticking to the time-table.


We hope that this post will help you in maintaining the proper time-table and following it. Do please comment on this post and help us know how we can help you better.