Essentials to calculate faster

If there is a DI test between a high school student and a graduate,then who will score better ?
A high school student will surely win and the main reason for this is that calculations don’t daunt them.A high school student has got the habit of using a pencil for calculations whereas the one who is graduate has got so accustomed to calculating with the help of calculators.So,if you really want to calculate faster,then please avoid the use of calculator.From today,if you come across any type of calculations,then it should be done without the use of calculators.So the first important essential is to calculate faster is to throw away calculators.

Next,you should learn the following by heart :

1)Squares upto 30-Leaning squares upto 30 will surely help you to calculate faster.For example,if a simplification problem like 29^2 +27^2 = 19^2 + ? comes in exam,then it is surely going to waste a lot of time if you don’t know the squares of 29,27 and 19.

2)Cubes upto 20-Learning cubes upto 20 by heart will also help you to calculate faster in questions based on Simplification,DI,Approximation etc.

3)Square roots upto 15

4)Cube roots upto 15

5)Reciprocals upto 3o

6)Tables upto 30

Does it seem a very difficult task ?Will it take 10 to 20 years to learn everything? Answer is obviously-No
So,after avoiding the use of calculator,your next step is to learn all the essentials which are mentioned above.Now,suppose you have to multiply 18 and 9 and you don’t know the table of 18,then what will you do ?
Just think smartly,18 can be also written as 9 x 2 and everyone knows the table of 9.So,18 x 9 becomes 9 x 2 x 9 which is equal to 81 x 2,so the answer is 162.Thus,table is 18 is already known is one knows the table of 9.Similarly,table of 16 is known if one knows the table of 8.Carrying this logic forward,one has to learn only tables of 13,17,19,23 and 29.All the other tables can be easily derived by just doubling or trebling already known tables.I am sure after getting this logic,learning tables is going to be an easy task for you.

All the best.
Team Study Virus