IBPS Clerk Prelims 2018: Most Important Puzzles Practice Sets

Day 1: Most Important  Puzzles practice Sets for IBPS Clerk  Prelims 2018 :

Study the information carefully and answer the questions given below.
Seven boxes S, P, L, Q, R, M and I are place one above the other in any particular order. Box no. 1 is at the bottom and box no. 7 is at the top. Three boxes placed between I and M. M placed on the place above S, which does not place on an odd-numbered place. P is neither placed on odd number place nor on topmost place. I does not placed on bottom place. Two boxes placed between R and S. Q placed neither on the bottom nor on the fourth place. Box M is not placed on top place.
1. Which of the following combinations is true?
a) 1-S
b) 4-R
c) 3-M
d) 6-I
e) None of these

2. Which of the following box is placed on the topmost place?
a) I
b) Q
c) P
d) L
e) None of these

3. Which of the following pairs of boxes placed on bottom most and the topmost place respectively?
a) L, Q
b) Q, P
c) I, Q
d) L, I
e) Can’t be determined

4. How many boxes between L and P?
a) None
b) One
c) Two
d) Three
e) Can’t be determined

5. Which box placed on just above M?
a) L
b) P
c) Q
d) R
e) None of these

Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
Ten persons Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z are sitting in two rows with five persons in each row in such a way that one person in the first row sits exactly opposite and facing a person in the second row. Members of the first row are facing North.
R sits in the first row to the immediate right of X who sits exactly opposite of T. S is at the extreme end of the second row and is second to the left of T. Q is to the immediate right of T and exactly opposite of V. W sits exactly opposite to U who is at one of the ends of the second row. Z does not sit at the end.
6. Which of the following pairs of persons are sitting at the two ends of the first row?
a) WZ
b) UY
c) WY
d) UZ
e) None of these

7. Who is second to the left of R?
a) Y
b) W
c) X
d) V
e) None of these

8. Who is third to the left of U?
a) T
b) Y
c) X
d) S
e) None of these

9. Q sits between which of the following persons?
a) TZ
b) UT
c) VR
d) RY
e) None of these

10. Who sits exactly opposite of R?
a) Z
b) Y
c) W
d) Q
e) None of these

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Answer keys :
1. C