Metals and their compounds

1.Magnesium metal is extracted from which ore?
A. magnesite
B. dolomite
C. carnallite
D. kieserite
Option”C” is correct
2.Which of the following metals burns with nitrogen
A. sodium
B. calcium
C. magnesium
D. platinum
Option”C” is correct
3.What is the main ingredient of an antacid marketed as milk of magnesia?
A. MgCI₂
B. MgCO₃
C. Mg(OH)₂
D. MgSO₄
Option”C” is correct
4.Which of the following is present in the chlorophyll molecule
A. Mn
B. Mg
C. Fe
D. K
Option”B” is correct
5.The chemical formula of Epsom salt is –
A. ZnSO₄-7H₂O
B. Na₂SO₄ 10H₂O
C. Na₂CO₃-10H₂O
D. MgSO₄-7H₂O
Option”D” is correct
6.The base used as antacid is
A. calcium hydroxide
B. barium hydroxide
C. magnesium hydroxide
D. silver hydroxide
Option”C” is correct
7.Which aluminum salt is generally used to stop bleeding?
A. aluminum chloride
B. aluminum nitrate
C. Aluminum sulfate
D. potash alum
Option”D” is correct
8.Which of the following compounds is used in making fireproof cloth?
A. sodium sulfate
B. magnesium sulfate
C. Ferrous Sulphate
D. aluminum sulfate
Option”D” is correct
9.Bauxite ore is –
A. Of iron
B. of aluminum
C. of copper
D. Of gold
Option”B” is correct
10.Aluminum is extracted from bauxite
A. by Prabhaji Aswan
B. by electrolysis
C. by sublimation
D. by character writing
Option”B” is correct