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Ancient History Quiz : Ancient History is a very important section for all competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, RRB, AAI, DRDO, ISRO, NTR, FSSAI, CWC, LIC, SSC CGL, Railways and other state government exams. 
Many questions based on Ancient History Quiz are always asked in various government exams. In this page, we are providing topic-wise GK MCQs  of Ancient History Quiz. 
This Ancient History Quiz
is completely like a Ancient History Book For UPSC, SSC, Railways, DRDO, CDS, FSSAI.
Most of the aspirants are always looking for GK Questions which are based on Ancient History Quiz because they know these GK Questions have very good weightage in several government exams. We are providing GK Questions of Ancient History Quiz in GK Question Answer Form. We are providing GK Questions in Hindi and GK Question Answer in English.
You can easily switch from GK Question Answer in English to GK Questions in Hindi by simply changing the language from menu options, provided above the post.

31.The means of entertainment of primitive man in Palaeolithic period were?
A. Prey
B. Gambling
C. Music
D. Horse riding
Option “A” is correct.
32.Which of the following is called the Chalcolithic Age?
A. Palaeolithic Age
B. Neolithic Age
C. Chalcolithic Age
D. Iron Age
Option “C” is correct.
33.The author of ‘Dreaming’ was?
A. Kalidas
B. Bhas
C. Bhavabhuti
D. Rajasekhar
Option “B” is correct.
34.Why was Nalanda University world famous?
A. Medical science
B. Logic
C. Buddhism philosophy
D. Chemistry
Option “C” is correct.
35.Name the source which is silent on the trade routes of ancient India?
A. Sangam literature
B. Milind panho
C. Jataka Literature
D. All of the above
Option “B” is correct.
36.the most recent ancestor of modern humans
A. Java man
B. Cro-magnon man
C. Neanderthal man
D. Peking man
Option “B” is correct.
37.The excavation of which ancient site gives information about the close trade relations between India and Rome in the early centuries of Christ?
A. Madurai
B. Tamralipti
C. Tondi
D. Arikmedu
Option “D” is correct.
38.The oldest form of modern Devanagari script is?
A. Kharosthi
B. Brahmi
C. Prakrit
D. Pali
Option “B” is correct.
39.The first grain used by humans was?
A. Rice
B. Wheat and barley
C. High tide
D. Millet
Option “B” is correct.
40.Which pair is not correctly matched?
A. Ravikirti – Pulakeshin ॥
B. Bhavabhuti – Yashovarman of Kannauj
C. Harishen – joy
D. Dandi – Narasimhavarman
Option “C” is correct.

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