These 7 topics of Reasoning Ability will surely help you to get 30+ marks in IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017

Reasoning Ability and Quantitative Aptitude are the most scoring sections in any government exams.If you have to clear the cut-off marks with good score,then you should focus on the most important and scoring topics from these two sections. IBPS Clerk Prelims is going to start from 2nd November and every IBPS Clerk aspirants want to score high marks from these two sections.To clear the cut-off,one must know about the pattern which was asked in previous years and also about the most scoring topics.Let’s have a look at the topics along with their marks which were asked in IBPS Clerk Prelims 2016.

TopicsNumber of questionsNature of questions and trivia
Circular Arrangement5Easy (8 persons facing the center without any variable)
Linear Arrangement5Easy(7 persons in a single row facing south)
Puzzle5Easy(Based on order and ranking)
Inequalities5Easy(Based on Direct type)
Operations on Number5Easy(Five 3 digits numbers,operations on them)
Direction Sense2Easy (2 simple questions)
Blood Relations1Easy
Data Sufficiency 1-2Moderate
Coding Decoding2Easy to moderate
Order and Ranking1Easy to moderate (Based on typing speed of people)
Miscellaneous2-3Easy to moderate

Note-Syllogism was not asked last year.

  1. Linear Arrangement-One of the most popular puzzles which is usually asked in all bank exams.Please practice these three types of puzzles of Linear Arrangement
    a)6 or 8 persons in a straight and they are facing either north or south.
    b)6 or 8 persons in a straight row and some of them facing north and some of them are facing south.
    c)8/10/12 persons in parallel rows.
  2. Circular Arrangement-This type of arrangement will surely come in IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017.So,please practice all the variations from this type. 
    a)people seated on a circular table and they are facing inside or outside.
    b)Some are facing inside and some are facing outside.
    c)Above two cases with maximum 1 variable (parameter)
  3. Inequalities-The most easy and scoring topic where one can easily get 5 marks withing 2 minutes.So,please practice  at least 50 questions from this topic,you will surely get 5 marks from it.
  4. Order and Ranking Puzzle-This type of puzzle is always asked in the exam and one can easily get 5 marks within 2 minutes if one has practice a good number of questions from this topic.
  5. Operation on Numbers-There are total 5 questions usually asked from this super easy topic and one can easily get if one has practice 20 to 30 questions from it.You have to perform operation on numbers like addition,subtraction,division,multiplication and many more.
  6. Direction Sense-Usually 2-3 questions come from this topic and my advice for all the aspirants is to practice at least 50 questions from it.
  7. Blood Relation-Again this is the most easy topic and one can easily get full marks from it.Learn to make family tree accordingly by reading the points step by step.Practice at least 50 questions questions from it.This will surely boost up your confidence in solving any problems related to Blood Relations.

    All the best for IBPS Clerk Prelims.Practice as much as you can.
    Team Study Virus.